Nyt album fra TRIO SVIN – Total Annihilation GO1122

Thyge van Dassen – violin, vocal
Magnus Heebøll Jacobsen – percussions
Søren Vinther Røgen – guitar

Guests : Lars Lilholt, Gabrielle Aaron Johansson, Johannes Aaen Jensen, Mads Kjøller Henningsen, Hal Parfitt-Murray

Tungt svingende folkemusik, sirligt krydret med alt fra metal til drum’n’bass. “Trio Svin” leverer et velplaceret æselspark i mellemgulvet med deres kompromisløse sound.

“As an uprising against finer sensibilities and good taste, Trio Svin fights a desperate battle to make the world an uglier place, one concert at a time. Like scratching a mosquito bite or flirting with your cousin, Trio Svin feels so good even though you know it’s wrong. With a tongue-in-cheek attitude, a crazy musical approach and a solid foundation in folk music, Trio Svin fills a need nobody knew they had. Like an ass-kicking that you never asked for, but secretly wanted all along – folk musical catharsis!

Artist: Trio Svin
Titel: Total Annihilation
Cat.no GO1122
Barcode 5705934004661
ISRC: DK-6KA-22-01101-11
LC 09240

Label: GO Danish Folk Music

Release only as digital and available on the digital services