Jens Ulvsand – trad-groove GO1821EP

-a folk music EP by Jens Ulvsand (digital only)

Den svenske folkemusiker Jens Ulvsand, der i en årrække har været involveret mange danske folkemusikorkestre og projekter bla. Trio Mio og Himmerland, har under COVID 19 haft tid til at eksperimentere med nogle traditionelle svenske melodier.

“One of my projects to manage hermit life as a musician under Covid, was to dive into the tradtune collection “Svenska låtar” (about 8000 tunes) and just learn a lot of new ones. When I passed one hundred and fifty, there were four who got stuck a little extra and then the idea was born to make a folk music EP. 
Normally when I make records I´m in a context with an ensemble that creates the frames and forms but this time it´s different.
This is music where I´ve been totally free to do whatever I find interesting.

My great love for the meeting between tradition and improvisation / innovation has been given free rein both musically and how the soundscape is formed.
At the same time, I´ve been careful to keep the basic forms of the songs.
Has been a lot of fun to and a lot of work.”

Jens Ulvsand – Guitar, Flat back bouzouki, bass, percussion, vocals, melodica and electronics.

Recorded, mixed and mastered Blue Crow Studio spring 2021 – Jens Ulvsand

1 Polska – trad Pekkos Per                                             3.07
2 Love polska- trad August Strömberg                       2.55
3 Waltz – trad August Bohlin                                         3.16
4 Polska – trad Lapp Nils                                                3.32

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