Ny digital release: Penny Pascal – Grand Voyager GO1419

Living across almost the entire width of Scandinavia (Aarhus, Copenhagen, Gothenburg and Stockholm), each of them are well underway in making a name for themselves on the international folk scene with their respective bands – Penny Pascal is the antithesis to those bands…“The life of a musician can –believe it or not– get serious some times. This band is a way for us to blow off some steam and create music in an environment where it is less about thinking and controlling, andmore about doing and experimenting.” explains violinist Thyge van Dassen

They debuted with a 40-minute long one-take(!) live video recording streamed on the internet. On the same day(!) as the video recording, the band recorded their debut album titled ‘Grand Voyager’ consisting of almost entirely original music.

“Creating an album doesn’t always have to involve carefully planned sessions and a big budget. Sometimes it is just about getting the music out to people as directly as possible – that has been the philosophy of this debut.” explains cittern-player Villads Hoffmann

The video/album, which is all but gapless, has been mixed with broad brush-strokes by the band itself, exaggerating the movement and moods of the music. “We wanted to expand the dynamics of our acoustic instruments – even though no overdubs have beenused, the album ranges from heavy metal-ish bangers to distant chamber-music-inspired soundscapes.”explains bassist Mathæus Bech

Penny Pascal is:
Henriette Flach, violin (also known from Tailcoat & DMA winner as The New talent of the Year 2019)
Thyge van Dassen, violin (also known from Trio Svin and Twang)
Villads Hoffmann, cittern (also known from Elmøe & Hoffmann)
Mathæus Bech, bass (also known from Mynsterland and with Harald Haugaard)


01 Prelude #46 (Mathæus Bech)
02 Wreck (Thyge Søndertoft van Dassen)
03 Daggry/En Ven Af Min (Henriette Flach)
04 Kite Flyer (Thyge Søndertoft van Dassen)
05 Grand Voyager (Mathæus Bech)
06 Frilåst/Hopped The Train To Hudson (H Flach / M Barnett)
07 Morgenrytter (Mathæus Bech)
08 Tøvejr Indendøre (Henriette Flach)
09 Murky Deep (Thyge Søndertoft van Dassen)
10 Fantasten (Villads Hoffmann)
11 Thrill Of The Hunt (Trad. / Thyge Søndertoft van Dassen)
12 Wreck (Reprise) (Thyge Søndertoft van Dassen)
13 Tak For Alt #46 (Mathæus Bech)

Recorded June 10th 2019 by Mathæus Bech
Mixed and mastered by Mathæus Bech and Penny Pascal

-Only available digital at all digital servises as Spotify, Apple Music, Emusic Tidal amm.