Tailcoat – Tall Tales in Tiny Pieces GO1119

Debutudgivelse med Tailcoat.
Tailcoats violinist Henriette Ambæk Flach har modtaget Danish Music Award 2019 som “Årets nye talent”.
Tailcoat has been called “the new all star band of nordic instrumental folk music” Their unusual instruments and cinematic sound draws inspiration from traditional folk music, and takes the form of newly written compositions. Their music is progressive, and draws lines from genres and traditions all over the globe.

The Swedish nyckelharpa and traditional Norwegian hardanger fiddle sounds like northern mountains. The 5-stringed electric bass draws you back into the streets of Stockholm. The guitar-like cittern adds a somewhat Middle-Eastern twist and the uniquely combined set of drums and bells makes the whole thing sound global.

(DK)  Emil Ringtved Nielsen: 5-stringed electric bass
(DK)  Henriette Ambæk Flach: Violin and Hardanger Fiddle
(SE)  Mårten Hillbom: Percussion
(SE)  Rasmus Brinck: Nyckelharpa
(DK)  Villads Hoffmann: Cittern

Recorded in The Village by
August Wanngren and Thomas Vang
Mixed by August Wanngren
Mastered by Stockholm mastering

Artwork by Stine Skovbjerg

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