Ny single: Rune Barslund – New Dawn feat. Ale Carr & Thomas Reil

Rune Barslund – whistle

Feat Thomas Reil – piano & Ale Carr – cittern
This track also features Ale Carr of Dreamers Circus on cittern and Thomas Reil of Circles on piano. 

“This tune was intended as a gift for my girlfriend, yet she broke up with me before I had composed the B part. As a way of processing my sorrow, I decided to see the period after the break up as a new beginning while also holding on to the positive memories we had both shared. New Dawn is also the name of a beautiful rose” – Rune Barslund.

Composed by Rune Cygan Barslund
Arr. Barslund, Carr & Reil
Produced by Rune Cygan Barslund
Recorded in Reil Recordings & Rosenlund Studio in 2012
Engineered by Thomas Reil & Carsten Rosenlund
Mixed in Rosenlund Studio by Carsten Rosenlund & Rune Cygan Barslund

Released 2012 as music video