Mads Hansens Kapel -One for the Road GO1021EP

Mads Hansens Kapel – One for the road GO1021EP  digitalt

One for the Road is a collection of tunes and tales from our travels. Bits and pieces from here and there, learned by good friends from many places, near and far away.

The music is a tribute to the roads that joins us and a thanksgiving to the adventures of the future.

Martin Lorenzen, Clarinet
Jonas Clausen, Violin
Sebastian Larsen, Guitar
Emil Nielsen, Double bass
Julian Jørgensen, Piano

Guest – Adrian Würsch

Mads Hansens Kapel – One for the road GO1021EP.

Titlerne og komponisterne på de seks tracks er:
1. One for the Road  – Trad
2. De Chnuschti –  Adrian Würsch
3. A Night in Ainola    – Trad
4. Harbottle    – Trad
5. Newcastle Hotline    – Trad
6. De Chnuschti (Adrian Würsch)  – Adrian Würsch